About Ventures Africa

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VENTURES AFRICA is a bi-monthly Pan-African business magazine, which will champion African capitalism by celebrating African success, free enterprise, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the rewards of hard work. 

Our aim is to showcase the business aspect of Africa to the world.  There are major deals taking place within Africa.  There are many inspirational stories of entrepreneurs braving the red tape in their respective countries to establish successful businesses.  There is also a new breed of young, cosmopolitan and foreign educated Africans charting a similar course to those in the West and East.  These are the stories we feel needs to be told.

We will consistently chronicle the success stories of Africa’s greatest entrepreneurs and business leaders, thereby becoming the requisite handbook for successful and aspiring African entrepreneurs.


Join us as we explore Africa- through a Business lens!


For general enquiries please email: info@ventures-africa.com

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